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November 6, 2018
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January 29, 2019

Which hosting is the best?

Which hosting is the best?

If you search Google with any keywords related hosting, Web hosting, wordpress hosting and any thing else about HOSTING will see there are many people around the world which have problem and question about a good hosting service provider.

Unlimited hosting, True or False?

If you search Google will see many search result. Many hosting companies climes we provide a real unlimited Hosting service. But If you ask them from a live chat or ticket will see a URL with limited rules !

Which hosting is the best?

At first please note this advice is good just for small or medium size. Because business website  or If you have a high traffic website needs to a dedicated  SERVER.

1- Linux Web hosting

I think Linux web hosting is much better than a windwos webhosting.

2-Unlimited domain

Be sure your selected web hosting provides unlimited hosting for your all domains.

3- SSD Disk hosting

Each web host provide a hard like a PC. Then you need to select a web hosting with SSD drive if you like your website browsing to be very faster !

4- Litespeed and lscache

What is litespeed? It is a completely compatible Apache drop-in replacement by New Jersey-based LiteSpeed Technologies.

LiteSpeed vs Apache?

Your customers will have a better experience with litespeed.

Please don’t forget to install LiteSpeed Cache plugin if your hosting uses litespeed!

5-Monthly plan

Some hosting companies just gives annual plan and  you should pay the hosting cost for one year not month by month.It means Your money will lose if your hosting service quality to be bad and slow !

6-Money back grantee

You may ask one month money is not important, but this rule mean the hosting company have higher level quality

7-Daily Backups

Taking a backup is so important for your online business. Please imagine if HDD drive crashed or you lose your website information, What is the next?

8- Live chat & ticket support

If you are not a professional webmaster, then maybe have some problems about website management or hosting service tools. Then is so important have fast access to the support section of your hosting company to resolve any issue ASAP.

FREE DDoS Protection

There are many spammers and hackers which are looking to find a backdoor in your host to use your resources or hack your customers information. Then security is so important for your website.

10- Unlimited MySQL Databases

According to the hosting technologies you must expect an unlimited MySQL Databases for your all websites. But some hosting providers thinks are in 2001 and make limited for hosting plans to force on you to select the higher hosting plans !

Optimize your hosting each month

Optimize your hosting each month

11- Optimize your hosting each month

Please note even the best hosting services need to optimize. For example remove logs, lscache/ , tmp/, trash,  Email Archives, optimize databases.

If you are using any CMS ( wordpress, Joomla or Drupal )  you must pay more attention to the wordpress plugins. Because some plugins uses high resources of your host and makes loading on your host!

You may monitor your account’s available space with the Disk Usage feature in your cpanel

Which hosting is the best?

At present I think AsuraHosting is the best


Please have a look to one plan of this hosting provider company

Starter Plan:

2GB Space + Unlimited Transfer + LiteSpeed + LSCache + SSD Drives + CloudLinux + DDoS Protection +Free SSL + Money Back Guarantee + Full Daily Backups + JetBackup +99.9% Uptime + Unlimited Domains Allowed + Unlimited Parked Domains + Unlimited Subdomains + Unlimited FTP Accounts + Unlimited MySQL Databases + ImageMagick +Latest cPanel and…

Just $3.49/mo

System Resource Limits for starter plan:

1 Full CPU = 100%
RAM = 4 GB
Entry Processes = 40
I/O = 35 MB/sec


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